A Studio Full of Color

How Tie Dye Works

Tie-dyeing is a way of coloring fabric by soaking it in a solution, which adheres the dye to the fabric.

In our studio we follow this same process.

Each item is hand selected, evaluated for quality and imperfections that may enhance the artistic appeal of the design. The fabric is then folded and tied. The way the item is folded determines what the pattern will look like after it is dyed.

Squeeze bottles or brushes can be used to apply dye.  At A Brighter World we maintain a vast collection of unique and custom colors for our artists to choose from. It seems each artist has their own favorite, what’s yours?



After applying the dye, it’s left to set and cure.

The newly colored fabric is then laundered before sold or worn.

Using this process and with proper care, colors will not run or fade. Your tie-dye will last with the fabric.