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Tie Dye Studio

How to bring a brighter world to you

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white shirts to tie dye

Choose from a wide selection of white garments. There’s something for everyone! Prices vary depending on the item and the amount of dye needed. The process is not only fun, but interesting to learn about the science and chemistry of color, how it mixes and saturates clothes.

Ideas of What to Make

  • tie dye shirts
  • shorts
  • socks
  • tie dye leggings
  • overalls
  • yoga pants
  • tie dye hat
  • tie dye onesie
  • kids tie dye
  • baby clothes
  • girls dresses
  • curtains
  • baby onesie
  • beach towel
  • chef's apron

Family Friendly

If you’re looking for a fun, creative experience for the whole family, you found it! You can even make tie dye bandanas for your dog. Whatever the age, Jeremy can walk you through each step. He brings all the supplies needed: gloves, rubber bands, dye, soap. You will learn the whole process, how to fold the item, as well as how, where and why to apply the dye.

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Tie Dye Patterns

There's so many exciting choices when it comes to tie dye.  Not only can you choose the type of garment or accessory, but you can choose the style of design and the colors that go into it.  Here are some examples for ideas and inspiration!

heart 1


tie dye 2 copy


tie dye star

Starflake – 8 Point

star tie dye

Starflake – 8 Point



starflake tie dye

Starflake – 6 Point

spiral tie dye pink light and dark blue


rainbow tie dye


rasta tie dye