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Jeremy about page

About A Brighter World

A natural artist, Jeremy Carlson has been making and selling original, tie dye garments for decades.

He started in the 1980’s as a way to buy Grateful Dead tickets and toured the country, selling tie dyed bandanas at their concerts. In 2012, he opened A Brighter World Tie Dye Store in downtown Santa Cruz. A colorful, creative make-your-own tie dye store where he taught children and adults (big kids) the art and joy of tie dyeing. Now, the business is offering To-Go kits. These are available for pick-up, and shipment. For on-site events, he is available to hold classes and parties in public, and home spaces, with social distancing. His technique creates clothes that are surprisingly long-lasting, having strong and bright colors that don’t fade, even after years of repeated washings. 

A Brighter World is committed to cultivating happiness through the creative process. There is a pattern and color for every preference. Jeremy’s favorite: “Rainbow Spirals. That’s my signature.”